Few pictures – well, whom I kidding!?- a lot of pictures from my short travel to The Hague, where I met with an erasmus friend tw weeks ago. It was my first time there and it became my favourite city of Netherlands.

Due settimane fa ero all’Aja, dopo due mesi dedicati al lavoro ho deciso di fare un w.e. lungo all’estero, cogliendo l’occasione per vedermi con un amico taiwanese che avevo conosciuto in erasmus. Era la prima volta che visitavo questa città e nonostante ci sia stata solo due giorni effettivi posso dire che è quella che preferisco nei Paesi Bassi.

Non avevo pianificato molte cose, sapevo che domenica sarei stata da sola quindi ho programmato per quel giorno la mostra To Audrey with love e, tempo permettendo, un giro alla spiaggia che si trova a pochi km di distanza.


Sono arrivata a The Hague alle 4 del pomeriggio circa, il volo era in orario e anche se non avevo prenotato biglietti di bus e treno in anticipo tutto si è svolto in orario, nonostante la mia leggera confusione su come funzionano i biglietti con microchip, ma ci si prende subito la mano a parte ricordarsi di passarli anche uscendo.Per me la confusione deriva dalla mancanza di tornelli.

In stazione mi aspettava il mio amico e subito abbiamo iniziato a girare il centro a piedi, dirigendoci verso il museo di arte Mauritshuis che contiene dipinti di alcuni dei più importanti pittori olandesi. Nonostante non sia grande appassionata di quel periodo storico ho trovato il museo ben organizzato, apprezzando in particolare le lampade che sembrano provenire da una casa dell’orrore e la mostra temporanea sulle nature morte.


I was in the city around 4pm, we walked till Mauritshuis, art museum, and after that we had dinner with savory pannekoek, I had mine with bacon: yummy! The rest of the evening was spent walking around the city center, we were lucky to find ourselves close to the Noordeinde Palace, the street in front of it had all the art galleries and shops open for a design night.

Dopo il museo ci siamo fermati a mangiare e abbiamo deciso per pannekoek, i pancake olandesi che in realtà si trovano a metà tra il pancake americano e la crepe francese, possono essere sia dolci che salati. Apprezzatissimi, poi abbiamo continuato il giro a piedi dirigendoci, senza saperlo, verso Palazzo Noordeinde e la strada di fronte in cui i negozi stavano aperti fino a tarda sera – l’equivalente di una nostra design night, per capirci. Oltre a fermarci alla galleria Per van der Horst, ad ammirare still life di fiori e parlare con il proprietario che era stato recentemente a Taipei, abbiamo fatto in tempo a fermarci in una libreria in cui ho trovato delle cartoline stupende, sulle costellazioni e illusioni ottiche sui gatti.



up plomb

fili pari


gerardo osio


WordPress shows me that exactly 23 days ago I started to write this post. Even if I don’t have the will to write a proper post, be sure that I’m spending time watching, listening, reading things that I would like to share: what stops me it my own race to a perfection that I know doesn’t exist.

Too easy to say that is some kind of pressure that I have from other blogs and websites that I gladly follow.

Truth is that I don’t need this. I have a job, people to meet, evenings to plan and so on.

Thruth is that I really need this. I need more. I need to know that there are people with a similar dark humor, that aim to the same kind of beauty.


Many times I waste time looking up movies and tv shows that at the end don’t appeal me for a reason or another. It’s just chemistry. For instance, Dexter. I should be addicted to it, it’s my genre, the actors seem great and general review is positive, but I never finished to watch the one episode I started.

Instead this w.e. I have too many things I want to watch and outside it’s sunny and warm. After lunch I go to read a book outdoor, but not before sharing all the cool things I found:


Set in the Sixties, it shows the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford while filming What ever happened to Baby Jane?.

Killer clothes and acting, since there is Susan Sarandon and Stanly Tucci.


I already talked about it, it doesn’t keep me awake till 1am like Feud but it’s the right company while I have dinner during weekdays.


Super cute movie with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy, easy going but not a chick flick. I don’t know precisely which genre it is besides one of my favourite.


I fell in love with the music in the trailer and I find the plot as well intriguing. I’m going to watch it tomorrow, let me know what you think if you see it before.


Usually people are into the perfect white tshirt. Or the perfect black tshirt.

I’m into tshirts that can send messages without me speaking. I like slogans, quotes, lyrics. I also like the idea of having the same blank tshirt where to write on, and a led tshirt might seem the solution. Their Indiegogo campaign is going very well, but I’m not into it. For me it’s like reading ebooks or books: I’ll always be the kind of girl who goes to the public library or spend time in a bookshop, I really like the usual books. So with tshirts it goes the same way, I would only like to find the way to write everything I want without owning hundreds of standard tshirts.

Till I find the way, here some I’d like to wear.

I’m not a terrorist, please don’t arrest me

Vivienne Westwood tshirt is a favourite of mine. It is ironic and it carries a message, both things are really appreciated by me. Another one I’d like is Get a life.


Ginsberg is god


Nowadays my instagram has basically become a source of future tshirts:

Punk Vacation

I may be the wrong person for my life

Who cares? How should I know? Life goes on!

Life is peculiar

Up to no good

On one hand who cares and in the other hand so what

How to avoid everthing

I’m part of your picture

Information is not knowledge

Protect me from all your bullshit


I’m still tacky

I guess fate was against us


So some penguins turn to a life of crime

Being nice is sexy

I came, I saw, I left early

I’m becoming more difficult

Go out. There’s life outside

Say you’re in if you’re in

I don’t have plans, but I’m not going

Where are those people who can really make a statement about their times

I have bin haveing a hard time living

Everything not saved will be lost

Aesthetically, I’m not ready

Well, that didn’t work

In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act

Art is a way of survival

I don’t know what to say

People who show you new music are important

When you kill time you murder success – Stiff record



I found this image in instagram and suddenly a new world opened up to me. Well, maybe not a whole world, but for sure a new town. Scarfolk, located in UK.

I was amazed by all the details that were created to give, ok, not some credibility, but at least a sense to it: nobody every wrote a pamphlet to teach children how to retrieve victim debris – yes, it’s what it sounds like- nor a book called Eating Children: Population Control & The Food Crisis, but somehow it fits the decade, like the Pink Floyd video Another brick in the wall.

When you have time give a look at it, or follow it in FB or Twitter. I’d love to have a poster collection, they’re just hilarious.

For more information please reread.




Last w.e. I went home with Bla Bla Car, the most used carpooling website in Italy. It’s few months that I’m using it and appreciate several things of it, one of them having nice chats with people I would otherwise never meet.

This time one of the topics involved tv shows and I’m always up to discover something new to watch, so last days I found myself into Revenge.

I consider the series itself a grown up version of Gossip Girl, just to give an idea of what you’re up to: scandals, cover ups, alliances while everybody is dressed up with gorgeous clothes and attends parties or business meetings. The plot itself didn’t intrigue myself as much as Nolan Ross. After the first episodes I already lost interest if it wasn’t for this character. I agree that he became my style crush.

Even if years had passed by since he came to the screen, I find this style with enough self-humor to be timeless. Here you can find some of the brands name.

 I love every style choice: the popped collars, the layers and the colour choices – I’m a black addicted, but this doesn’t stop from admiring who decides for a more colourful style. It’s the right mix to be an irriverent preppy, as if your forced into wearing this sort of clothes, e.i. shirts and button ups, but you do so that you stand up from the usual.